Frequently asked questions

Who is Dreamers & Doers’ private collective for?

Membership is geared towards women* who are both impressive and values-driven. Ideal members have spentat least a handful of years immersed in their careers/companies (in many cases, several decades) and are interested in joining the collective to seriously uplevel themselves while supporting other extraordinary entrepreneurial women. We define “entrepreneurial” broadly as we believe in building a strong ecosystem and understand that our roles within this ecosystem may shift. If you’re a founder, an investor, a journalist, working at a startup, are in an innovation role within a corporation (or are committed to shifting the status quo in other ways) Dreamers & Doers may be a fit for you. *Dreamers & Doers is inclusive to all women and non-binary individuals who fit our membership criteria, regardless of biological gender, preferred pronouns, or given names.

How do you compare to other communities?

We optimize for impact on your business and career, emphasize quality over quantity with our offerings and members, and are a values-driven community. We deeply believe in the power of mutual support, which is reflected in our highly curated events, resources, and the ethos of our collective - built on authentic, true connection.

How should I think about my membership investment?

The benefits of Dreamers & Doers’ private collective include PR opportunities, authentic connection and high-impact resources. The opportunity to invest in Dreamers & Doers' membership comes at a fraction of the cost of hiring a PR firm, attending industry conferences, joining a co-working space, or hiring expert coaches and consultants - all activities and investments that yield comparable results to joining Dreamers & Doers' private collective (although, we never aim to entirely replace these use cases, depending on your particular needs). Our members view their membership as a business expense that serves the dual purpose of increasing their chances of success while improving their wellbeing. Extraordinary things happen when you surround yourself with extraordinary women.

What does Dreamers & Doers’ agile approach to PR entail?

We believe increasing your visibility and credibility should be simple, seamless, and cost-efficient. Our agile approach to PR involves working with select content partners to create streamlined opportunities to raise your profile and build major clout. ( See examples of our agile approach here.) This approach amplifies you and your work so you can increase your impact without investing the huge amounts of time, energy, and resources that great visibility opportunities often demand. Our offerings are intentionally distinct from what a PR agency or publicist may cater to, which is why you won’t find individual pitching or press outreach with Dreamers & Doers. This strategic choice makes our PR hype machine much more accessible—and that’s the goal.